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12 Large Stables

We have 12 internal Monarch stables. They are all full matted and several have back windows to over look the yard and the fields. We also have several large barns for storage of hay/haylage, feeds and bedding, and was very secure alarmed tack and rug room.

Monarch 5 horse walker

We bought a brand new Monarch 5 horse walker at the beginning of 2007, it is regularly serviced and is a huge benefit to the yard. We use it only as an extra, rather than instead of working the horses, and it is a good way to warm them up and cool down, before and […]

60x30m Martin Collins Outdoor Arena with Mirrors

In 2008 we extended the arena to full length, so I could use it to go through my international dressage tests. We also re-surfaced it with a top of the range surface from Martin Collins. It is an amazing surface and the horses all go very well on it. We also have a full set […]

40 acres of fenced paddocks

I am very lucky to have 40 acres of fenced paddocks for all my horses. It is split up with a combination of large hedges, post and rail, and feildguard electric fencing. All the horses are turned out in individual paddocks to avoid injuries.

The use of 250 acres of grassland for canterwork

It is great that my grandparents live next door to us, and own a farm, although it is a working farm I am able to use the 250 acres they have for canterwork and keeping my horses fit. It is also great for the young horses as they can get used to working on grass, […]

5 Horse PRB Horsebox

I have just bought my 5 horse PRB horsebox off my parents, I am now completely self funded and am absolutely delighted I was able to buy such a fantastic lorry.
It have a huge luxury living with absolutely everything you need for stay away competitions. It takes 5 large horses and has plenty of locker […]



I am very lucky that I have an Activo-Med Magnetic rug and a Cyclossage Massage rug.
Both rugs are fantastic, the Cyclossage is brilliant for warming the horses up before exercise and the Activo-Med has the Magnetic Pulses which is great for recovery after exercise!!