Well, we are home and I feel just about back down to earth. What a week, I still can’t really believe it, but my gorgeous HALLTOWN HARLEY made a lot of dreams come true for me this last few weeks. I have so many people to thank that have made it all possible. To Dickie Waygood and Philip Surl for not only picking me to compete but also for the support throughout the week. Philip was an amazing Chef d-q and kept myself and my to amazing team mates, Kirsty Johnson and Alice Dunsdon in the loop.
My mum of course for driving out and looking after Harley to perfection for the week. Sue Leeson for helping to drive the lorry and looking after all of us including Kirsty and Alices girls, Jenny and Shelly.
To my dad for planning the route, sorting all the details, the sat nav, and the lorry as well as getting 2 new tyres a few hours before we left….. My sister for her support and being a super physio for me.
The girls at home, Tui, Hannah and Mimi for keeping everything running smoothly so I didn’t have a thing to worry about whilst I was away.
My trainers, Angela, Henriette and Yogi who have all taught and supported me for years and years and put up with all my highs and lows.
Harley’s amazing owner, Suzanne and of course co-pilot Jane……. who without them I wouldn’t even have this superb horse, they flew out and supported me every step of the way and cried their way through the national anthem.
And of course all my incredibly supportive owners of all my horses at home and my sponsors who have been messaging and supporting all week and have never doubted me!
And last but by no means less, the amazing Harley, I have only had him for about 9 months and he is genuinely the most perfect horse anyone could wish for. He always gives 110% and I don’t think would ever let me down. If it ever didn’t or doesn’t go to plan it would never be down to lack of effort on his part. He always tries his best and for that I can always be thankful and proud of him.

Harley was completely amazing!!
He tried his heart out, he’s not the flashiest mover but he was accurate and correct and I’m so proud of him. He scored 51.2 and lies in 10th place out of 48 competitors over night going into the XC tomorrow!!!
🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Team GB 🇬🇧🇬🇧
I literally have the best horse in the world.

Suzanne Doggett’s HALLTOWN HARLEY jumped an incredible clear to be the fastest of the day with just 8.4 faults faults to go into the lead!!!! I love him so much! As a team we lie in 3rd!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s Show Jumping!!!

HALLTOWN HARLEY confirms what I believed that he is truely amazing!
He only went an won the CIC*** in Austria!!!!

Hall town Harley is a superstar at BRAMHAM INTERNATIONAL

WOW what a week  HALLTOWN HARLEY you are aImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, horse, cloud, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

complete star, you could not have done more for me this week. A good test with a couple of errors but plenty of room for improvement. A foot perfect and easy clear XC around a huge and tough CCI*** course which caused a huge amount of trouble, with not only stops but eliminations with only 35 out of 65 completing the course. We kept the pace up all the way, annoyingly picked up 2.8 time faults which were completely my fault!!

Today he came out fresh and well. Harley flew through the trot up and w
ent on to jump a seriously classy clear SJ. He was one of only 4 double clears out of 65 competitors!!!
We finished 12th, winning the Nick Lane Fox Memorial Trophy. He also finished in the top 25% so has achieved his Badminton qualification for next year!!!!

What a complete star. I have so many people to thank, Caroline Powell for producing him, Suzy Doggett for buying him for me to ride. And all my training, Angela, Henriette and Yogi. He’s an amazing horse and I love him to pieces.

Laura had Harley looking beautiful from start to finish, mum and Ben for extra help, and of course Sue, Mimi, Tu and Hannah at home!

June Eventing 2017

Some superstar ponies at Ascot Under Wychwood. My 3 gorgeous young horses, all owner by Sam Wilson. SAN SOLO yet again another smart dressage test and a double clear inside the time to finish 5th. TOP HONOURS doing his first BE100 scored 29.8 and jumped a lovely double clear inside the time to finish 2nd!!
HOMERUS did a quiet test to score 32, he was rather a cheeky pony in the SJ and took a large dislike to fence one, but then went on to jump a super clear SJ and then flew round the XC inside the time.
PAINSWICK RISE AND SHINE now owned by Sue Leeson and Mimi Cox was rather green dressage and SJ but stormed round the XC clear in the time, Mimi will now take over the reins on him and start eventing herself.

Fab day with the young horses at Nunney International.
A really tough BE100 and definitely the toughest course they have all seen, but SAN SOLO, TOP HONOURS and HOMERUS all owned by Sam Wilson jumped immaculate double clears inside the time.
Delighted with them all, SAN SOLO finished 4th in a 25 dressage!!!
A huge thank you to Sam for owning such special horses. Tu for grooming and Hannah at home keeping everything going! 

Super star Mr Calvin finishes 2nd in the NRF at Nunney on a score of 27 to qualify for Gatcombe Novice Championships!!! Love him!!!
I can’t thank everyone enough who helped today I’m very hot weather. All staff, owners and volunteers seemed happy and did an amazing job until 7pm tonight!!!!

May Eventing 2017

Oh what a super cool 5yo I have! Thank you Sam Wilson for owning this gorgeous gorgeous boy HOMERUS. Another double clear and 10th at Moreton Morrell today!!!

So proud of my boys today at Aston Le Walls intermediate!

CAPTAIN FUTURE popped round for an easy double clear finishing 7th in the OI, next stop Houghton Hall 2*
And my up and coming superstar COOLEY LEGALAND was amazing. Super test, a bit green SJ but flew around the XC very easily clear inside the time to finish 13th. Next he goes to do his first 3 day at Houghton Hall in the 1*!!

A brilliant day 2 at ASTON LE WALLS.
My ever improving superstar SAN SOLO was a winner winner chicken dinner. His second BE100 win on the trot. Owned by myself and Sam Wilson, Solo scored a 25.8 and cruised around double clear one second inside the time!!!
CALVIN too was pure class again, a very smart test as usual for this flashy horse and an easy double clear, annoyingly I went 1 second too fast so picked up 0.4 time faults but he finished in 4th
And it was also lovely to have LSS LANZAROTE back out at Novice, a good test with a few wobbles to score 32.3 and he jumped a super double clear adding just 2.4 time faults to finish in 4th!
Great day with some very special horses!!

Another great day with the babies out eventing at Millfield.
All 3 were competing in the BE90open.
HOMERUS owned by Sam Wilson, produced a super dressage and jumped a lovely double clear inside the time to finish 4th
TOP HONOURS owned by Myself and Sam Wilson, was having his first run of 2017, he was rather excited in the dressage but jumped an effortless double clear inside the time.
And next was PAINSWICK RISE AND SHINE now owned by Sue Leeson and Mimi Cox, a sweet test and a clear SJ but a baby run out XC otherwise he was super!!!

A bit of an up and down day at TWESELDOWN today. I was there with just CALVIN in the NRF! He had some beautiful trot work in his first intermediate test but the judge wasn’t so keen on all the flying changes in the canter, but he made up for it with yet another double clear inside the time.
He is such a super star!
Thank you to his 3 amazingly supportive owners, Molly, Lucy and Sue. To Mum and Hannah at home and my second mum, Sue for coming with me.
I couldn’t do it without you all and my amazing sponsors Gatehouse, Treehouse, Mark Todd, Spanish Boot Company, Baileys Horse Feeds, and Antares Saddles!!!

An educational weekend.
The horses learn’t a lot at Houghton Hall.
COOLEY LEGALAND was doing his first CCI*, a super smart test and a nice double clear inside the time to finish 9th.
CAPTAIN FUTURE doing his first CCI**, a good test with some mistakes, a good clear XC picking up 3.2 time and a lovely SJ round today for 4 faults to finish top 30. And last to go was BLUSTEREN doing his first CIC***, he did a super test for the stage of training he is at, an effortless clear SJ but sadly a bit green XC but overall he learnt!!
Now for a lovely 5 hour journey home.
Huge thanks to Hannah and mum for grooming and Tu for holding the fort at home.
My amazingly supportive owners and sponsors for everything they do!!!

April Eventing 2017

The love affair with CAPTAIN FUTURE continues. Superstar boy produced another great test to score 45 in the CIC**. I stuffed up a fence SJ so 4 faults to add, but stormed around the XC like an old pro to finish 10th!!! What a superstar!!
BLUSTEREN too, is ever improving. A PB dressage score for us of 48 still with so many mistakes, a very frustrating fence down as I seem to have 4 faultitis, but he too stormed XC making it feel far to easy, with just a handful of time which pushed us out the top 10, into 11th place.
And last but not least the very very consistent COOLEY LEGALAND in the Novice, 31 dressage and a super double clear just 1 second over the time to finish 7th!
A massive thank you to all my amazing owners, sponsors and support team. I could not do this without you, my boyfriend Toby for co driving and Kerryn for super grooming over the weekend and of course to mum, Tu and Anya for keeping things running at home!!

So proud of the boys at LARKHILL.

The horses were great at Portman. CALVIN scored 30.3 in the Novice and jumped an easy double clear inside the time to WIN the section!!
HOMERUS aka Jaffa was competing in only his second BE90, a few wobbles in the dressage but a good score of 29.5 and a lovely double clear, annoyingly a few time for going to fast pushed us out the top 10, but I’m delighted with him!

CALVIN was a super star in the Novice, with a 30 dressage and an easy double clear in time for 2nd place.

Then today I was back with my gorgeous babies. HOMERUS aka Jaffa cake was an angel in his first BE100, a 29.5 and seriously classy clear sj, then a bit of a green moment at the ditch XC, otherwise a nice experienced round where he learnt a lot and showed his potential for the future.

And last but not least SAN SOLO, his best test to date in terms of the way he went and a foot perfect double clear in time for 4th. I absolutely love this horse and think he’s going to be outstanding!

Gosh I’m lucky to have these horses. Huge thank you to Sam who owns Jaffa and Solo and to Lucy, Molly and newly on board Sue who own Calvin. Dad for driving and Tu and Sue for super grooming over the two days and Mum for keeping everything running at home!!!


March Eventing 2017

First day eventing of 2017 done!! Tweseldown with the two OI boys HALLTOWN HARLEY and BLUSTEREN. Spritely tests but as expected for the first event! BLUSTEREN had one down SJ and an easy clear XC! And super ponio HALLTOWN HARLEY ignored everything I said but jumped a great double clear to finished 9th!!! Thank you Anya for Grooming and Tu for sorting everything at home, and of course the boys owners, Lucy, Sam, Suzy and Jane!!!

Sooooo happy to have my beautiful CAPTAIN FUTURE back out and competing! Nearly a year since his last competition and he produced a 29 double clear, if his mother had kicked a bit, we would have won, but finished a creditable 2nd by 0.7!! COOLEY LEGALAND showed the dressage judge his gallop and bucking skills, as he was rather excited to be out on grass, but redeemed himself with a very easy double clear inside the time to finish 6th!! What a day with these two shining stars!!!

Wow!!! What a weekend.

HALLTOWN HARLEY headed the yard with a win in the OI at Aldon! I am so proud of him, he did his best test to score 27 and jumped a foot perfect double adding just a couple of time faults to win!!! BLUSTEREN continued to show his class, improving all the time with a 31 double clear, adding 10 time faults to finish 10th. CAPTAIN FUTURE was competing in his first OI for nearly a year, a few wobbles in his test, but scored 29 dressage and jumped a steady clear round.

On Friday we were there with CALVIN in the BE100, he produced another super test of 27, and a classy double clear to pick up 6th place. We also had COOLEY LEGALAND there, scoring 35, rolling a pole but finishing the XC easily inside the time to finish 9th!

Saturday was my first trip to Swalcliffe. It was HOMERUS aka Jaffas first BE event. He was beautifully behaved, producing a 28 dressage and jumping a lovely double clear, adding a few time faults. A great result for his first BE event! Next was SAN SOLO competing in his first BE100 and first event of 2017! He got a bit excited in the dressage but showed off his outstanding movement scoring 28 and he too jumped double clear adding just 0.8 of a time fault!!

Well what a weekend, I am now exhausted and ready for bed!!! Thank you to Brooke for grooming and to all my amazing owners who have helped out all weekend!

Love this horse so much! CAPTAIN FUTURE, owned my Lucy Fleming and Molly Fisher, a great score of 41.7 in the CIC** to lie 2nd after dressage, such a shame we couldn’t SJ and XC!! Huge thanks to Laura Young for coming all the way to Burgham for a dressage competition! We also had BLUSTEREN owned my Lucy Fleming and Sam Wilson, scoring a great 49.1 in the CIC** and HALLTOWN HARLEY owned by Suzanne Doggett scoring 54.7 in our first CIC*** together. Also my boyfriend was competing his and my own DIAMOND COVE to a great score of 49.8 in the CIC**


I have an incredible horse in my yard who I am looking for an additional 1/3 OWNER


17191389_1869004406649323_1890872563927950817_n 17201067_1869004399982657_695239313795851311_n
A 16hh Chestnut gelding who I bought in September 2016. He is a horse I think a lot of, having previously competed with a young rider at 2* level.
At the end of 2016, we competed in two OI’s where he jumped confident double clears. We then went on to storm around a tough CCI** at Osberton.
‘Wotsit’ is a flashy horse, who is 82% TB but moves and jumped like a warmblood but gallops like a TB. In my opinion he has all the ability to make a top class 4* horse.
In 2017, our aims are to move him up to Advanced and CIC*** level with a CCI*** at the end of the year being a plan.
Wotsit is currently owned by two of my amazingly supportive owners and we are looking for an additional 1/3 sharer to join the team and enjoy following Wotsits career.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.




Wotty is a lovely horse who I think a lot of, he currently has 2 owners on board with him and we are looking for a like minded and keen owner to join the team.

I have a 1/3 share available in each horses, with a set monthly fee, so no surprises.

If you have any questions, please contact Georgie on georgie@georgiespence.com or 07816 098844 (leave a message as I don’t always have signal)

February 2017

Well we have kept up out busy winter with lots of outings this month.

We had a great day out with some of the horses jumping at west wilts! Was lovely having CAPTAIN FUTURE out jumping again for the first time in nearly a year!!! And I think the star of the show was SAN SOLO who is showing what an exciting future he is going to have! Just needs to realise he doesn’t need to keep showing off with how high he can jump! Thank you to my two girls Tui and Jane for standing out in the freezing rain doing fences today!!! Your both so good to me!!!

Then back to dressage and a couple to great days at West Wilts doing British Dressage with my dressage divas…. SAN SOLO won the Prelim and was 2nd in the Novice with 73%. CALVIN won the Novice, COOLEY LEGALAND and CAPTAIN FUTURE 2nd in Elementary on different days. And then BLUSTEREN and CAPTAIN FUTURE competed in their first Medium finishing 2nd and 3rd with 67%

Next was a trip out XC schooling, two days at Boomarang, everyone in the yard got to have a play on grass over XC fences! The horses felt fab and ready for the season! A big shout out to my 2 girls Jane and Tu for having everything ready, even in the horrible rain today! Star of the day has to be SAN SOLO, who although has done less than any other horse in the yard jumped all the tough combinations without a flicker, a huge prospect for the future!!!

Superstar dressage ponies at Summerhouse. A very competitive day, as it was a pre regionals warm up at Summerhouse, more like 30 in each class rather than the usual 5-10, but the boys seriously held their own. CALVIN won the Novice on 71.9%, SAN SOLO on 71.3% and COOLEY LEGALAND 3rd on 69%. Then COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN finished 2nd and 6th in the Elementary in the soookt new indoor school! Very pleased with the boys!!Very proud of my 3 boys today at Hunters BD. CAPTAIN FUTURE won the gold section in the Elementary on 69% and also won overall and then went on to win only his second Medium test. BLUSTEREN won the silver section of the Elementary on 68% and was 2nd overall. And HALLTOWN HARLEY finished top 5 in both the Elementary and Medium classes!!! Thank you to Tu my super groom for having everything ready on time.

We had a great day jumping at Summerhouse, my first trip BSJA in 2017 and my gosh I have missed it. Sadly I had all the horses competing on a ticket as I have been concentrating on BD this winter.
COOLEY LEGALAND was a bit spooky, pretending he was a 4yo who had never been out, but he jumped well with a double clear in the Newcombers and rolled a pole rolled in the 1.15m Open. CALVIN II was a super star, jumping a lovely double clear in both the Newcombers and 1.15m Open and would have won both classes.
BLUSTEREN felt incredible, an easy double clear in the 1.20m and 1.30m. He would have been 2nd in the 1.20m and would have won the 1.30m
CAPTAIN FUTURE was on his first jumping show in 10 months!!!!!!! After an interesting first attempt he jumped a lovely double clear HC in the 1.20m and then he popped easily around the 1.30m, just rolling the last fence.
We all felt a little rusty, but it was great to be out jumping!!!

Its not long now, only a couple of days until the 2017 event season gets under way!!!


January 2017

Well Happy New Year everyone, 2016 has flown by and we have already had a busy16508711_1856476627902101_8084076115588721068_n January with lots of dressage outings.

I had a good start to the month… The event planning is complete!! I had a really good few days getting all the horses plans organised, so plan A is now in place!!

My first trip out in 2017 was a day of 2nds at Summerhouse. CAPTAIN FUTURE and COOLEY LEGALAND were the two I had competing!! Although it would have been lovely to have a win with either of them, but I was really pleased with how both of them felt! Their scoring ranged from 67-71% over their two classes and both being placed 2nd in both their classes!!

Next I had my gorgeous boys back out at Summerhouse. This time with COOLEY LEGALAND again and he won the Novice and SAN SOLO competing in his first BD competition, placing 4th in the prelim and 2nd Novice!! What a star!!!

We then headed to West Wilts again doing British Dressage. COOLEY LEGALAND wins both Silver Elementary sections on 68% and 69% gaining a qualification towards the Regionals and CAPTAIN FUTURE wins both Gold Elementary sections and Overall winner of both sections on 70% and 72%, gaining his second Regional Qualification!! Fab day with my gorgeous boys!!! A huge thanks to my amazing Sponsors Mark Todd, Gatehouse, Baileys Horse Feeds, Treehouse Sporting Colours, Antares Saddles and The Spanish Boot Company, as well as my amazing team of owners who always come to support, Jane for top show Grooming and for Tui holding the fort at home and hanging on the naughty horses!!!

We then had two trips to Wickstead HorsePlay schooling the babies, I am Very excited about my rising 7yo COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN for the coming season!!! They are feeling fantastic and jumping amazingly well!!

We have also had a trip to Rabson to XC school, amazing the ground is holding up and it was lovely to have them out on grass again!!!

The first event of the season is now entered and it’s only 5 weeks to go!!


We had another great day, back doing more Dressage.

CAPTAIN FUTURE again shown what a great horse he is winning the first Elementary class on 67%


Winter Dressage – December

We have had a great few days doing dressage.15400306_1826180754265022_8561868470292363628_n 15589492_1831754803707617_788845799877068819_n 15665767_1831754827040948_3611608918765089739_n

First we headed to Hunters with CAPTAIN FUTURE, our first British Dressage experience and it was a good one, winning both Elementary’s, the later on 70%!! t was particularly nice as this was his first competition since he broke his pedal bone in May this year, so its lovely to have him back out and feeling well.

Next we were at West Wilts with the Young horses, SAN SOLO and TOP HONOURS. They both preformed brilliantly, both scoring 70% and 74% in BE100 tests. This was there first outing since their event in November at Aston Le Walls.

The the Following day, we headed back to West Wilts for BD with CAPTAIN FUTURE and again he was a superstar winning the first Elementary class on 68%!!! Absolutely delighted with him!!


Well I am have had a quiet November.

My last event of the season was Aston le Walls with the young horses.

NADAQ HIGH was doing our 3rd event if the year together, He scored a respectable 29 in the dressage and went on to jump double clear inside the time to finish in 3rd place.

Next was SAN SOLO. He was super, a lovely test but still a few wobbles to score 28.8 in the dressage, a pole down SJ and a lovely clear XC to finish in 6th place.

And last to go was new ride, TOP HONOURS. He is an ex race horse, who myself and Sam Wilson bought just a few weeks ago, he is a lovely horse and I feel has a bright future. He produced a lovely test to score 28, one fence down SJ but a lovely clear XC adding no time faults to finish in 4th.

What a fantastic end to 2016. The horses will now all have a holiday, whilst Toby and I head off to Mexico!!!

Calmsden and Broadway

Its just the last few events of the season now. Just the young horses doing a young of14639852_1795302294019535_3359063426937212952_n 14650139_1795302284019536_3254178574410380542_n BE90’s to gain some experience in preparation for next year.

We started at Calmsden. SAN SOLO and NASDAQ HIGH, both new rides to me. NASDAQ HIGH has previously done two BE events and has now come to me to continue his education. He put in a good test with a few wobbles but a nice rhythm and picture, scoring 31.0 and adding nothing to that with a double clear inside the time. I sadly had the compete HC, but he would have finished in the top 10.

Next was SAN SOLO. I have only had him a couple of weeks and up until then, he had seen a few dressage arenas and SJ courses, but no XC fences. He felt lovely in his test, some obvious greenish and wobbles and looking around, but I think he first time doing dressage on grass. A pleasing score of 32 and a lovely clear SJ giving everything a lot of air time. Sadly XC we had a good (and long) look at the water fence, and waited there quite a while, but he did go on and stormed around the rest of the course like a machine.

We then headed the Broadway the following weekend with the same two horses.

This time, they both felt a lot more confident and both scored very well in the dressage, NASDAQ HIGH on an impressive 23 and SAN SOLO on 28. The course was more challenging and asked a couple of questions going into and out of the woods early on but both horses felt very brave, with them both jumping double clear inside the time to finish on their dressage scores. They would have finished in 1st and 2nd, if I hadn’t had to be HC.

They will head to Aston Le Walls next before they have a bit of a holiday!!


We had a fantastic week at Osberton with 4 superb horses. I was lucky enough that Brooke14446118_1792619427621155_485669727164300861_n 14457476_1792619837621114_8283851007160698730_n

came along to groom for the week alongside Emma, as we had HALLTOWN HARLEY and BLUSTEREN in the CCI** and COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN in the CIC*YH 6yo Championships.

We started with the 2 CCI** boys, I have only had both horses about 6 weeks so we are still getting to know each other, they both settled in well and happily trotted up Wednesday afternoon. Both horses worked well and warmed in nicely for their test, they scored 52 and 53 in the dressage and this lay in the top half. There was plenty for me to work on, no major mistakes with either of the horses, but a few little areas where I feel we can pick up marks when I no them better.

Saturday day for XC, and the course was tough, with a lot of talk over the water fences which were full up and asked the horses plenty of questions. HALL TOWN HARLEY was first out on course and he flew round, like a complete machine clear inside the time. The commentary then suggested that the course was riding well with an easy to make time, but as the day went on, it became more obvious that the course caused plenty of problems all over and the time proved tight. Next was BLUSTEREN, he’s a horse with a history of being strong, so I had him in a strong bit, he has felt fantastic in it the last 2 runs I have had on him, but I do find it a bit much for him. But he too was a complete star and flew round. He felt fantastic and so straight and genuine, a couple of places I over checked him and wasted some time, but he finished 1 second over the optimum to pick up 0.4 of a penalty!!14479644_1792619470954484_2655242465139387918_n

Sunday – and it was Show Jumping day. The boys came out fresh and well and trotted up sound. The course was a nice course with a couple of distances causing problems. Both my horses jumped brilliant rounds, frustratingly both having a fence down coming out of the double. This caused costly but they still finished 20th and 21st which was a great result out of nearly 100 competitors. I am very excited about both these horses future, next year they CALVIN made it worth while. I was delighted with both horses tests, COOLEY LEGALAND felt soft and relaxed throughout and I was very pleased with him. CALVIN was super flashy and confident in the arena, but sadly a few errors towards the end of the test effected the mark. The Show jumping was the following day, it was an unto height course and a test for both horses. COOLEY LEGALAND jumped an easy clear, sadly CALVIN showed his lack of experience, and although he was very genuine and kept jumping, two fences fell and dropped him out of contention. will aim to move up to Advanced and 3* level.


Fitting in the CIC* 6yo was quite tight over the weekend.

Following CALVIN’s Showjumping, I just took him quietly around the XC, he is not that experienced at Novice level, and this was his first CIC*, he popped round the course really well, picking up 5.2 time faults but finishing well.

COOLEY LEGALAND showed what an exciting horse he is for the future jumping an very14572145_1792620217621076_7440520796504972406_n easy clear inside the time. He felt class from start to finish and although he still doesn’t have a huge amount of experience, he was very straight and genuine with all the more challenging fences.

These 4 horses will now have a well deserved holiday and then will come in to concentrate on preparation for the 2017 season!!


HALLTOWN HARLEY posted a dressage of 33.4 and I made the decision to withdraw14358841_1785809214968843_4374123849491152282_n him before the show jumping as he had only been to Pontispool and few days before and I didn’t feel needed the run before Osberton CCI** next. BLUSTEREN however made the trip very worth while with a 33.4 and an easy double clear. Time faults pushed us out of the placings but overall I am very excited about this horse, as we have only had a few weeks together.

The following day we were back with COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN. COOLEY LEGALAND posted another very impressive 25.8 and jumped a lovely double clear inside the time to finish in 4th place. CALVIN too impressed with a 29.0 dressage and he too jumped double clear inside the time to finish in 2nd place and give him a qualifying result for a NRF next year.

These 4 horses all now head to Osberton for the CCI** and Young Horse Championships


Pontispool was a busy day with the 3 new horses, HALLTOWN HARLEY and14355589_1785808031635628_4818365132993077104_n 14355719_1785807991635632_6640289153255970787_n 14358982_1785808011635630_549641519790764665_n BLUSTEREN were in the OI and COOLEY LEGALAND was in the Novice.

HALLTOWN HARLEY scored 33.2 and jumped a very easy double clear adding just 2.8 time faults to finish 4th. BLUSTEREN was also super, it was my first event on him and a very tough intermediate course. He scored 33.0 and also went on to jump double clear. I just cantering him around the cross country quietly picking up 12.4 time faults but finished 9th.

Next was COOLEY LEGALAND in the Novice. He scored a fantastic dressage score of 25.8 and added another double clear with 4 time faults to finish in 2nd place. This was a fantastic result for his new owners who have just bought him off me for me to ride!!

Next these horses head to Gatcombe.